Green Motion

Green Motion is recognised as a world leading brand in the provision of low CO2 vehicle hire. We designed and built a series of websites to unify all of their global franchises. We also developed a reporting portal to deliver key performance indicators and empower their franchises.

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The Brief

When Green Motion approached us they already had a number of franchises around the world. Each had set up their own websites; of varying quality and with a different look and feel. The brand had become diluted, the message was unclear and the customer experience varied greatly between them.

Our brief was to unify all of these websites to a common design, with a single payment processor and to integrate the website with their booking database, supplied by FuseMetrix. The underpinning objectives of this work was to improve the overall quality of the websites, present a unified look and feel but also, ultimately, to increase booking volume.

Our Solution

We kicked off this project by analysing the car hire market; looking at other successful organisations and their websites. We also analysed direct competitor websites and similar rental and booking type websites. This research helped us to establish some ground rules and best practices for us to integrate into the new Green Motion website.

We designed a minimalist, clean website that focused on simplicity, ease of use and honesty (something the car hire sector is regularly accused of lacking). To add a bit of personality, we also integrated a weather API to show the current conditions in your destination city and included some fun adverts within the search results and in the ‘why go green?’ section.

The website has been a huge success, with subsequent rollouts for franchises in South America, North America, the Middle East and all over Europe. New franchises are also being added all of the time.

Since the main .com website went live we have also been working on a process of continual improvement; optimisation, refining and streamlining the website.

This has resulted in a 1000% increase in online sales.

We have also built a portal for all of the Green Motion franchises to monitor quotes and bookings, receive customer feedback, create booking widgets for 3rd parties to install on their own websites and allow agents to place bookings.

These tools are providing masses of information and feedback that simply didn’t exist before – it’s enabling Green Motion to make better decisions and ultimately to rent more vehicles.

What They Said

We have been working with Method and Class for just over 2 years and are still continually impressed with their level of service. They have transformed our website, increased our conversions and allowed us to compete in an extremely competitive market. If you are serious about having an outstanding website – pick Method and Class.

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